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What Are Your PBCMS Benefits?

Joining the Palm Beach County Medical Society, Inc – Insurance Co-op allows small groups access to large group benefits and rates.

Plan Variety

Groups can offer up to 12 different PPO and 2 HMO plans through Florida Blue. Groups utilize local leadership and decision making to manage risk and ensure long term program success.

0% Rate Increase

Most member groups will experience a 0% rate increase, effective March 1, 2021. Over the past several years, PBCMS has outperformed the standard market by over 10%.

Additional Benefits

A complimentary program can offer their employees a wide variety of large-group ancillary insurance options (dental, vision, disability, & life insurance) through Unum.

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Levi Insurance & PBCMS


The Medical Society Insurance Co-op was established in Marion County nearly 35 years ago.

Its purpose was created by physician employers in the private practice of medicine as a way to provide comprehensive medical coverage to their employees and families. Since that time, the program has expanded to 11 total counties state-wide and continues to offer affordable insurance solutions to independent physician practices.

What We Do

As an established insurance brokerage company dating back to 1993, Levi & Associates offers the comprehensive, large scale coverage that businesses expect, while still providing a personalized approach that families and employees connect with. We insure more companies in Palm Beach County than anyone else. No matter your insurance needs, Levi & Associates can develop a program tailored to your individual circumstances.

Our Mission

With the changing face of health insurance in today’s market, it’s important to work with a team that treats your situation as if it’s their own. One that makes recommendations with your best interest in mind. For many business owners and families, that team is Levi & Associates. Our mission is to be your total solution insurance provider.

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